In our experience, we have found there is no substitute for PRIVATE COACHING.

Tiago Silva helps SUP athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world in a variety of ways:

– Improving overall paddling technique.
– Improving flat water, open ocean, surfing or downwind skills.
– Body awareness training for better body control & balance.
– Physical testing & evaluation to know where you are, and where to go.
– Personalised water training programs for racing & surfing.
– Personalised strength and conditioning programs.
– Customised mobility & flexibility programs
– Goal Setting with specific short/medium/long term goals.
– SUP Race/Surf Season preparation.

Interested in preventing injuries and increasing your overall SUP performance?

Take advantage of Private Coaching and let Tiago help you achieve all of your goals!

Get your Private Coaching two different ways:


You Come To Us

Functional Paddling uses Mauka Lodge in Ericeira, Portugal as it’s training headquarters.  We have all the right tools and conditions to ensure you get the most out of your private coaching.  

Every coaching session is custom tailored based on the clients’ goals.  Private Coaching Sessions can range anywhere from 2 hours, a full day, or even an entire week.


We’ll Come To You

If coming out to Portugal is for whatever reason not convenient, we can meet you at your location.

Tiago is available to coach you One-On-One, or coach your group/team. Get in touch with us, and we will work out all the details. (Time, location, gear, pricing, etc.)

“After 3 days of Private Coaching at Functional Paddling, I couldn’t believe the improvement in my SUP level. The word “Coach” is a true understatement when it comes to Tiago. I’m looking forward to my next private coaching session – Thanks again Tiago!!!”
                                                    Chris M.