The Team



Tiago Silva is an Exercise Physiologist with a University Degree in Sports Science, with a speciality in Kinesiology. He is the founder of Functional Paddling.

Tiago holds two SUP instructor certifications from ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) and IOSUP (International Organization Stand Up Paddling) since 2011.

He strongly believes in a connection between mind and movement, and his knowledge about how body moves, training methodology and proper SUP technique let him create an unique style of teaching, focused on helping people reaching higher levels of performance while staying away from injury.

Tiago has been coaching top level SUP athletes since 2013, from private training to anually following world tour athletes from all around the world.

Tiago gives SUP clinics & courses all over europe and already taught his method in countries like Portugal, USA, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Holland and Switzerland.


Martin’s paddle story began in 2012. He had never held a paddle before and was infected by the “SUP Virus” immediately. Half a year later he founded a school, more for fun and to bring people closer to the fascinating connection between movement and mental relaxation.

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer & SUP Instructor Trainer Level 2 (ACA). Martin has been racing SUPs since 2017, most recently, in 2018, constantly successful among the top 10 in Germany. With more than 12 years experience in training children and young people, he further educated as a coach for personal growth and mindset – “More action than words” is his maxim.

Vitality, energy and consciousness are the core values that ground him. He lives and works with passion and creativity – always challenging the status quo. With a radiating positive energy, Martin is driven by his work with people and the growth he unleashes within them.

Being the new kid at Functional Paddling, Martin is keen on providing courses and personal training in Germany and wherever people like to grow.


Miquel Roige has been instructing sports since 2005.  Whether he’s snowboarding, paddle surfing, or regular surfing, he is certified to instruct in each of these sports. Miquel’s work has allowed him to teach in Spain, France, Argentina and Andorra.

Referring to himself as technical, pedagogical, emphatic and enthusiastic, he runs his own SUP Center in Barcelona – teaching, training and making paddle surfing more accessible to everybody on a daily basis.

He has competed in snowboard and SUP Races, and has had his share of podium finishes in many local events.

Miquel is a Functional Paddling Level 1 Certified Trainer and, in 2014, was invited by Tiago Silva to join the team of Elite Functional Paddling Coaches teaching our courses.



Peter Mulder has been a SUP fanatic since 2009. When he is not on his SUP, you’ll find him surfing, windsurfing, or training on his mountain bike. He is also an avid runner, ice skater and snowboarder. His favourite saying is “Work hard – play hard!”.

Peter first came in contact with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2006. He has been using this, and other tools, to help people in their personal growth and development. He coaches people everywhere to be able to feel more passionate about life, and helps them understand how they can change their behaviours to match their goals.

He brings is special knowledge to the Functional Paddling team and coaches several workshops throughout the year all around Europe.



Hugo Silva began his interest in sports at an early age, taking up Judo and football at the age of 6. These interests led to a life-time obsession with “all things training, nutritional and health related”. After gaining his green belt in Judo, he turned his attention to bodyboarding and football, which had always had a strong influence on his daily life since a young age.

After completing a degree in Sciences of Nutrition at Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz, he did his post-graduate in Sports Nutrition at Clinica das Conchas.

In 2012, Hugo started working with well-known bodyboarders/surfers, helping them to achieve their nutritional goals according to their competitions/tournaments.

Hugo now works one-on-one with Pro SUP Racer Leonard Nika, helping him reaching higher levels of performance through a personalised meal and supplementation plan.

Living in Lisbon, Hugo makes himself available for nutritional consultations around the world.