Video Analysis is an affordable and simple way to improve your SUP paddling technique. Shoot your video at your own location, send it to us, and we’ll send you back a detailed video analysis that you can watch over and over to learn from and practice.

Get Started Now By Following These Steps:

1. Shoot your video
2. Send us your video
3. Fill out our simple Paddler Information Form (found on this page)
4. Pay for your analysis by PayPal or Bank Transfer
5. Sit back and relax and as soon as we have your video analysis finished, we’ll be sending it your way!!!

1. Shoot Your Video

Grab your iPhone (or any other high quality video recording device), and a buddy, and get him/her to film you paddling.

They will need to film you paddling from left to right, right to left, paddling towards the camera, and paddling away from the camera.

Try to have your buddy film you from as close as possible, and try to get at least 5 good strokes on each side during each sequence.

If you can use a tripod to steady the filming, it’s even better!

Video duration usually ends up between 5 and 10 minutes.

If you shoot from too far away, it is very hard for us to be able to properly evaluate your technique, and we may have to ask you to shoot it again.

2. Send Us Your Video

Send us your videos via email. Since the video files are usually too big for a regular email attachment, we suggest you use a “Send Large Files” service such as WeTransfer, Dropsend, or pCloud. These are all free & easy to use.

3. Fill Out Our Paddler Information Form

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

How Long Have Your Been Paddling?

What kind of board(s) are you using?

What kind of paddle(s) are you using?

Which disciplines do you practice the most?
Recreational PaddlingSUP RacingSUP SurfingDownwindOther:

Do you have any past injuries that might affect your paddling? (ex. Shoulder impingement, herniated discs, etc.)

Do you have pain during or after your paddle session?
NOYES (If yes, where and when?)

Is there anything specific, or any specific goals you would like to achieve with this analysis? Is there any other information related to your situation that we should know about to better allow us to do your analysis?

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

4. Pay For Your Analysis

The cost of your first video analysis is 100€.

When you get your analysis, we recommend you spend some time putting our suggestions into practice. You can then make a new video, send it to us, and we will re-analyse your progress and provide more feedback and tips for improvements.

Re-analysis is available for 80€.

Payment can be made via Paypal or Bank Transfer. We’ll send you the Bank Transfer Info or Paypal Payment Request once we receive your video submission.

5. Wait For Your Analysis

We understand that you want your analysis…and you want it now!!!! We couldn’t agree with you more! We want you to start your journey towards being a better paddler as soon as possible.

We usually require 7-10 days to watch, study, review, and edit your analysis. As soon as we have it done, we’ll send you a link where you can watch or download your analysis to your own computer.

There are days when the paddling weather is bad, or there are no waves, and we will sometimes have your video to you faster…. And if the waves are amazing….well, it may take an extra day….But just know we are on the job, and will deliver as soon as we can!