What is Functional Paddling?

Functional Paddling is a SUP Conditioning Program that combines both “in-water” & “out-of-water” training – a revolutionary tool for SUP Instructors or SUP athletes!

The Start Of Something Great

The idea surrounding Functional Paddling started back in early 2011, when Tiago Silva was seeing so many SUP enthusiasts and noticed that the majority had no idea about proper paddle technique or how to train for the sport. The poor techniques he saw people using put them at risk of injury.

With the number of SUP schools and SUP instructors increasing dramatically, Tiago saw an opportunity and a growing demand for a better method of training and teaching – and Functional Paddling was born out of this vision.

With his background and education in biomechanics, kinesiology and physiology, Tiago dedicated the next several years to study and research for developing the concepts and methodologies used in Functional Paddling. He invented many innovative and unique training methods that had never been used in SUP before.

Functional Paddling was created for SUP Instructors, athletes and enthusiasts, who want to learn how to better prepare their students or themselves for optimal SUP performance.

Become a BETTER, FASTER and STRONGER paddler!

Common Questions People Have:

Of course not! This course is for anyone who wants to improve their paddling performance, and for people who then want to go on and share and teach this knowledge to others.
Yes, there are minimum skill and fitness requirements which we will talk about here when Tiago tells me. These are necessary in order for you not only successfully complete the course, but to also have fun doing so.
This is easy… Just talk to us! We will explain all of the various options available to you, and guide you to the optimal program for your needs.
We teach our courses and hold our workshops all over the world. We would totally excited to come to you or your group. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll get the ball rolling!